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Reclaiming Appalachia

Below are a few of our favorite non-profits & programs that are working to reclaim, restore, inspire, & protect Appalachia. Click the picture to be taken to their website.

Join the rural resistance!

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Queer Appalachia

QA's mission is to uplift, celebrate, and reclaim Queer voices & identities in Appalachia and throughout the South. They also recently founded the QA Recovery Program, which aims to help Queer Appalachians get and stay off drugs.


Appalachian Voices

App Voices is a grassroots organization with offices located throughout the Appalachian region. They advocate and fight for a just economy and healthy environment in the Appalachian region and a driving force in America’s shift from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. They publish a free bi-monthly magazine, which reaches an estimated 150,000 readers. 


Inside Appalachia

Inside Appalachia is a radio show sponsored by NPR and West Virginia Public Radio. The program tells the stories of Appalachian people, and how they live today. Host Jessica Lilly leads us on an audio tour of Appalachia's rich history, food, music and  culture.

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Big Sandy Health Care, Inc.

BSHC is committed to providing a wide array of medical, dental and behavioral health services to persons of all ages in both inpatient and outpatient settings in the most cost-effective way possible. They currently have 6 healthcare centers and one mobile dental facility. 


The Highlander Center

The Highlander Research and Education Center is a catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building in Appalachia and the South. They work with people fighting for justice, equality and sustainability, supporting their efforts to take collective action to shape their own destiny.


The STAY Project

Stay Together Appalachia Youth is a group of young Appalachians, working together to create, advocate for, and participate in sustainable, engaging, and inclusive communities throughout the region. 


Reclaim Appalachia

Reclaim Appalachia exists to convert mining-impacted lands in Central Appalachia into sustainable economic development sites by tapping into the resiliency and work ethic of former miners and other coalfield workers. 


Appalachian Community Fund

The Appalachian Community Fund (ACF) is a publicly supported, non-profit grantmaking organization that provides resources and support to grassroots organizations working to overcome the underlying causes of poverty and injustice in Central Appalachia.



SOCM is a member-run grassroots community organization that has been empowering Tennesseans to fight for environmental, economic, and social justice for more than forty years.



The Foxfire Organization was established in 1967 as a student-created magazine, focusing on the remarkable stories and extraordinary talents of people in the surrounding communities and beyond, and on living cultural traditions and Appalachian heritage. Since then, the organization now includes a series of nationally published books as well as a Museum and Heritage Center.

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